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Synametrics Search Engine - Features


No software to install
That is right. You do not have to install anything on your server. All you need is a two line HTML script on your website that redirects your users to our servers. We even provide you the script.

Complete customization
You decide how search results are displayed. The look and feel of the search result screen is completely customizable.

No hassle implementation
We design the initial site for you matching it as much as possible to your existing website. This eliminates any programming needs on your side. If you don't like what we provide, you can easily change the design.

Customized URL
You decide what the search URL looks. For example you can pick something like:

  • Zero maintenance
    We do all maintenance work for you, which includes index creation, backups and software updates.

    Reduced webserver load
    Save CPU cycles on your webserver by delegating the searching tasks to us.

    Page customization
    You decide how the search page looks like. Initially, we design a template for you matching it to your web site's design. If you do not like what we did, changing it won't take long.

    Advanced search
    Users can type boolean expressions, wildcard searches and sounds like phrases.

    Search tips
    Search tips are provided to your users showing usage and advanced syntax

    Multiple document types
    Searches not only HTML pages, but also PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, and Rich Text format documents.

    Customized indexing
    By default, your website is indexed once every week. Manual indexing can be initiated by you any time in between.

    SSL support
    Index secure content on your site available through HTTPS

    Extensive reporting
    Following reports are provided to you out of the box

    • Most popular search terms
    • Search activity by day
    • Most frequent visitors
    • No match report
    • Server error report
    • Download access log as CSV files

    Email notification
    Ability to receive emails:

    • When Indexing is completed
    • When errors are found on your website
    • Showing daily activity report

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